Un Retreat came from the vision of three professional coaches who knew the powerful results of scooping up their clients for a 3 day luxury immersion of body and brain work. The fully integrated approach uses the science of behavioral change, physiotherapy, nutrition, coaching psychology, & exercise physiology to achieve
holistic results.

As an executive, gift yourself time in a luxurious space, so we at Un Retreat can prioritise you walking away with a jump start for taking your performance to the next level this year. Regeneration, movement, energy, fuel, focus, leadership, purpose, satisfaction & resilience are the benefits we see with all our clients

Teresa, Suzanne & Merryn have developed an authentic program like no other. It’s based on over 50 years of combined clinical experience taken from the executive world of CEO’s and boardrooms, to the sporting arena of Olympians there is something here for everyone who wants to perform at a higher level.


Nature & Connection

Un Retreat locations are chosen specifically to allow immersion in nature. The program is built for reflection, giving time to yourself as well as healthy social connection.

Values & Vision

Reflect on what has been working for you and what has not. Get really clear about what motivates you, define success for yourself (and your team).



Reflect on your current leadership style and the traits that successful leaders share. Understand the attributes of high performance teams and establish a priorities framework for your success.

Body & Brain

Yoga, breath work, massage & mobility sessions to encourage the breath, stretch & flow. Practical solutions to unlock stress and tension. The science of physiotherapy & nutrition helping you heal, recover & regenerate.


Food for the Next Level

Supercharge your performance with simple take away nutrition tips. Fun social engaging nutritional sessions to make you feel & look great. Brain health micorbiome & energy latest research

Stepping it Up

Preparing to strain & stress using high performance recovery allows you to reach new levels. Acquire an executive/life coaching toolkit to support your success.

Get in Touch

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