What a fantastic weekend away! It was great to stop, reset and get some new ideas and plenty to reflect on. It was also great to meet so many likeminded people. Great mix of presentation, exercise and relaxation.
– Rowena Granger (QBE)

I’m a believer of things happening for a reason. Stumbling across Un Retreat as I was looking on Linked In I realized this is what I needed, a retreat with a purpose beyond health. I loved it. It cleared my mind. I wouldn’t change a thing.
– Andrea Voight (IAG)

Thank you for creating such a supportive and informative space – Un Retreat. I feel inspired about creating the best version of ‘me’ and thankful for the energy of a most wonderful group. The location and accommodation was perfect. Looking forward to staying in touch through the alumni group. With a huge thank you,
– Ceri Gibson (EG Group)

Totally lived up to the concept of a reset. The idea of a multidisciplinary approach allowed me to move forward on multiple fronts. I feel amazing! Now to take that feeling home.
– Andy Solterbeck (KPMG)

Thanks so much for a completely unexpected weekend. The varied but harmonious skill sets help make best use/most impact for the weekend, which is great. I am inspired, clarified and calm, with an enhanced plan. The add on to organize a massage was also really good. Perhaps the options to book ahead sessions in break times with Teresa or Merryn would be good multi-tasking along with the capacity to buy some of the magnesium so that there isn’t a gap between the weekend and the new routine (for newbies) to harness the change and momentum. Thank you very much!
– Lisa Maree (Director at Group GSA)

Congratulations on an exceptional concept. Meaningfully executed. Thank you for sharing in a meaningful and generous way your deep skills and knowledge across the weekend. I have been inspired and challenged – now to execute! Thank you.
– Suzanne Campbell (CEO, VENNU)

Fantastic weekend, great things to learn and takeaway – Teresa, Merryn and Suzanne are all experts in their fields and I learnt so much. The information is something you can implement straight away delivered in a caring tailored loving manner. Great people, food, exercise and learning.
– Peter Duncan (EMPLOY)

I came to this weekend knowing absolutely no one and driving this far by myself was a bit daunting at first but from the warm welcome and kind smiles of not just the three of you but also all of the other participants made me feel right at home. Thank you for a fantastic weekend of growth and learning. I am confident that I can implement all that I learnt this weekend right away. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me, I have definitely grown from the person I was when I arrived.
– Kanwal Nazim (NSWMOH)

Thank you for such a well thought out weekend! The accommodation was lovely, the food amazing and the company even better! The weekend exceeded all of my expectations and I leave feeling refreshed and energized to launch into the next chapter armed with all of your invaluable knowledge. Thank you for the knowledge you shared, your passion and all of your encouragement.
– Megan Hislop

Thank you for a truly inspiring weekend, deep in learning, social connection and getting entrenched in the uncomfortable. I have had time for deep reflection, incredible leadership learnings, feel fitter than I did when I arrived and importantly feel equipped for the growth mindset tools for the future. This has been a wonderful investment in time that I will cherish for some time and look forward to spreading my learnings. I can’t wait to see Un Retreat grow and grow impacting positively the lives of many people. Thank you for letting me be a part of your incredible journey.
– Sharmila Tsourdalakis (STOCKLAND)

The things I liked:
-Very comfortable venue with lots of options to mix up the sessions
-The obvious passion from all of you and how you integrated your disciplines cohesively through the weekend
-The huge amount of new and very useful information and tips for a more healthier and meaningful life
-The fitness activity being outdoors
-The downtime between sessions to rest and connect with others
-The food – so delicious. Real proof that healthy food can be tasty. Loved the background stories.
-Regular communication before the event
-Fascinating leadership insights
-Personal reflection exercise
-Being looked after by our hosts
-The lovely notebook
-The creek!!!
I hope you all achieve your goals in this amazing venture. Take care.

Thank you for encouraging me to come, day 1 was tough however somehow, I managed to push through. Merryn you were firm and kind in pushing me outside of my physical limitations (in my mind). Teresa, you opened my mind to good wholesome, easy to prepare food and why I need to get this right. The weekend has shown me where I need to improve and change to be my best self. Thank you for taking me on this journey and holding my hand along the way – you unpacked the fear – best of all I came here with one beautiful friend and feel like I’m leaving with another two. Thank you so much – I am a convert!
– Whitney Luxford (QANTAS)

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